DittoBite is a digital media servicing firm specializing in Web Design, Social Media, & Graphic Design.

Every company has a need for each of these services but not necessarily enough to warrant a full time in-house employee. DittoBite offers service agreements for organizations that wish to fill that gap with top tier talent at a better than in-house price.

Web Design

We have a host of geeks we lured to our offices with promises of free Oreos®, Doritos®, and all the Dr. Pepper® they can drink. They would love nothing better than to avoid the sun and any human interaction by coding a website for you.

  • Wordpress
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • Responsive Design
  • Mobile First
  • E-commerce
  • SEO / Analytics

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Social Media

DittoBite’s social media junkies truly have no life… and in a bizarre twist… actually get paid to do this for a living. They’ve even got the nerve to ENJOY it! Bunch of weirdos. Turn their passion for sharing food pics and selfies to your advantage.

  • Account Set-up
  • Ghost Blog Writing
  • Community Managing
  • Reputation Monitoring
  • Customer Service
  • Contests / Campaigns

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Graphic Design

The most powerful visual identities evoke a personality profile... not just a logo. We carry visual identities through everything we produce, from site design and marketing materials to style guides, letterhead, and even business cards.

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Development
  • Business Card Design
  • Print Material Layout
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Vector File Creation

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Listening is one of the most important things a brand can do online. If your brand is just broadcasting its own agenda, it isn't truly engaging in a conversation.

- Jeremy Goldman -

Featured Projects

From an explosion in social media engagement, to an avalanche of website traffic, to the bolstering of a brand, our coverage for clients drives sales and increases awareness. Our primary focus is helping brands build relationships that drive sales through our creative strategies.

We've proudly worked with some of the best companies and organizations in the universe on other projects!

Our Management Team

Nobody hires us to create something ordinary or stand back and keep quiet. We're a team of brutally honest experts in our field, building long term relationships with clients through measurable, informed design and actionable digital marketing strategies.

Jason Kellie

CEO, Founder

We're not really sure why he's in charge. He's old so we just kinda let him tell us about the good ol days.

Dilast Leyva

Social Media Director

Her hair may be blonde in this selfie but it's currently blue. Last month was a pink & purple fade combo.

Juan Ramos

Creative Dirctor, Founder

He keeps telling us he's going to give us a new picture but we probably won't switch it out anyway. So Epic.

Michelle Marie

Marketing Director

She's a Clinical Psychologist. We're not even kidding. She tightens our straight jackets when needed.


This is the part of the website where we provide
you with a few quotes from some people we paid to say nice things about us.

The best websites are written so that computing machines can perform them quickly and so that human beings can understand them clearly. A programmer is ideally an essayist who works with traditional aesthetic and literary forms as well as mathematical concepts.

thumb Tony Stark
Web Developer, Google Inc.

We see a lot of feature-driven product design in which the cost of features is not properly accounted. Features can have a negative value to customers because they make the products more difficult to understand and use. We are finding that people like products that just work.

thumb Johnny Dangerously
UX/UI Designer, Apple Inc.